The aim of homework is to develop good study habits at an early age, a degree of independence and the self discipline necessary for success in school, further education and employment. Homework ought to be of a quality and pitch that enables the teacher to assess whether the student has reflected / extended on the classroom experience. Greensborough College expects that teachers will support students in developing out of class study skills and that teachers will provide homework that helps students to complete and revise class work and assignments, review and edit notes and prepare for the next day’s learning.

Homework means

Any work undertaken by students outside of normal class time.
Skill development through set activities.
Practice and application of effective study skill techniques.
Review and revision of class notes.
Research and completion of unfinished class work.
Assignments and assessment tasks.
Reading in preparation for future classes.
Studying for tests and exams.
Reading for enjoyment.

In order to consolidate and integrate their classroom learning, students are expected to:
Work consistently to complete tasks of high quality and improve their skills.
Take responsibility for their actions and learning.
Become responsible learners who are organised and independant.

The College expects that parents/guardians will support this policy by:
Encouraging good study and homework habits in their children.
Providing appropriate materials and space conducive to productive homework.
Work in partnership with the College to ensure that their children are completing homework.


Students should write all set homework in the Student Planner as well as the due date for any assignments or projects.
Students will be expected to complete and submit homework by the due date as described in their Planner.
In the Junior School, Homegroup Teachers, will check the Student Planners on a regular basis to monitor the amount and completion of set tasks.
If homework is completed in less than the suggested time, students will benefit greatly by revising class work and reading widely on topics studied.
Non completion of homework will result in the student being given a Catch Up Class with the subject teacher. Notification of the catch Up Class will be provided to parents via the Student Planner. Notification of a Coordinator Catch Up Class will be given via a Catch Up Class proforma.
Students are encouraged to spend blocks of time each evening on a rotating basis to complete homework tasks by the due date.
The implementation of homework will be negotiated across the eight KLA’s in order to ensure efficient use of time by students.

It is suggested that home study take place on five nights per week, with the following minimum hours:

Year 7: 1 hour per night Years 9: 1.5 hours per night Year 10: 2 hours per night Year 11: 2-3 hours per night Year 12: 3 hours per night