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The College acknowledges the very important role schools need to play in both protecting the health of our community and in supporting broader efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. In these unprecedented times, the College has cancelled / postponed all Camps & Excursion.


Avventura Italiana

Every two years the students of Greensborough College are invited to take part in our Avventura Italiana. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for them to spend two weeks in Italy with their fellow peers.

During these two weeks the students experience many wonderful opportunities at the many major cities that are visited. Students get the chance to try and straighten The Leaning Tower of Pisa, they get to ride in a cherry red Ferrari and they all marvel and finally realise how big The Colosseum is!

They will never forget the crystal blue waters of Capri and the taste of freshly made lemon sorbet will always be on the tips of their tongues. The students walk part of Le Cinque Terre and revel at the panoramic views that they have to offer.

A visit to Italy would not be the same without a visit to Michelangelo’s famous David or Leonardo’s Last Supper! Since studying Italian in year 7 all of the students cannot wait to visit Pompeii and unearth some of its secrets. Two weeks of immersion in a language and a culture that students thoroughly enjoy. Upon our return the hunt is always on to find somewhere that can replicate that Margherita Pizza that was gobbled down in Rome!



Greensborough College has a long standing relationship with Educational World Travel (EWT) and their G’day USA program. Many of our students over the years have had the opportunity to go to America and live with an American family for 10 days and enjoy their culture and family life as well as going to school and exploring the local attractions. Students with a teacher ratio of 1:10 set off from the 28th of December through to the 6th of January for a 20-day tour of the West Coast of the United States.


Locations always included in the tour are as follows: Disneyland, Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier and Knott’s Berry Farm in LA. A short trip down to San Diego is also organised for some culture and shopping, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge and bus tour in San Fransisco. The host city is decided each time including places like: Seattle, Portland, Valdosta, San Fransisco, San Diego, and more.


EWT has been running this program for nearly 20 years and has built excellent relationships with the schools that they work with. They offer a jam-packed adventure holiday with so many opportunities at a group discounted price. The 20-day tour costs around $6,600 but it is suggested that $7,000-$8,000 should be budgeted for extra expenses such as spending money.


The students who go on this trip are never disappointed with so many memories and friendships forged for life, including their new American family.

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