Forging Futures Program 2021

This is a 4 week program which aims to connect and engage Grade 5 & 6 students with Greensborogh College's range of innovative workshops and amazing facilities.

Proposed Workshops are as follows:

PHYSCIAL EDUCATIONAthletic Development Program (ADP)
Junior athletes - IS THIS YOU? You want to be stronger, faster, explosive, more powerful and super fit? You want to take your sport to an elite level? You want to ensure you can stay ‘injury-free’? You’d like to learn the most effective training methods to enhance your athletic potential, and maximize your physical and mental skills in your chosen sport(s). Then YOU need to have a taste of what is on offer for our student athletes enrolled in our Athletic Development Program (ADP). 


ITALIAN – La Bella Vita

Do you know that learning an additional language can improve your problem solving skills and critical/creative thinking skills, as well as enhance concentration, ability to multitask along with many other added benefits. In these sessions, through the use of Songs, Games, Active Learning Techniques and ICT we will have fun whilst gaining an insight into Italian culture and acquiring beneficial language skills. The sessions will be catered for students who both have prior learning of Italian and for those with none. All are welcomed.


HOME ECONOMICSLets get Cooking

Do you ever wish you could cook like the celebrity chefs on TV? Let’s Get Cooking is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about the kitchen, prepare a recipe, cook with a stove and eat your results. Each week you will have fun with other students while gaining confidence and culinary skills. You’ll be able to take the recipes home to recreate your new signature dish for your family! 


STEM - Hands on Coding

Have you ever wondered what controls the school bells? The electronic bus times?  The crossing lights?  These electronics are all run by computers, coded by people who were once in primary school like you!  Come along to write some code, then watch your coding light up in real life on an electronic Arduino board.  You may even get to hear your code in action too!


ENGLISH - New Aussie Fairytale

Students will write a modern fairytale with an Australian twist. From once upon a time, to happily ever after, students will recreate a fairytale plot- albeit an updated one, with an Australian flavour. Students will consider the structure of the fairytale narrative and write for a young Australian audience, to re-tell some well known stories. 


MEDIA - Movie Making Magic

Students will learn how to plan a short film, use cameras and editing software to bring their creations to the screen.  This workshop will also be an opportunity to learn some easy special effects, prop making and green screening over the four weeks.  If you are an aspiring future filmmaker, this is the course for you!


SCIENCELaboratory Fun

The first few steps into the world of Science with introductions to the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics followed by an exploration of what the strands of science can come together to create. You will get the chance to perform many of the experiments for yourself and get a real feel for the discipline of Science!

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