Forging Futures Program


At Greensborough College, we know that a smooth start to secondary school can make all the difference. 

Forging Futures is a 4 week program which aims to connect and engage Grade 5 & 6 students with Greensborough College's range of innovative workshops and amazing facilities.

Forging Futures will create a culture of possibility, opportunity and achievement, providing students with the opportunity to enrich and exhibit their knowledge in a number of areas.


It is also a fantastic way to help students build their confidence in preparation for the transition from Primary to Secondary School.



Workshops run for 4 weeks during Term 2 and Term 4.

Please note Workshops for 2023 will be released during Term 1 2023.



PHYSCIAL EDUCATIONAthlete Development Program (ADP) Cost $50.00

Junior athletes - IS THIS YOU? You want to be stronger, faster, explosive, more powerful and super fit? You want to take your sport to an elite level? You want to ensure you can stay ‘injury-free’? You’d like to learn the most effective training methods to enhance your athletic potential, and maximize your physical and mental skills in your chosen sport(s). Then YOU need to have a taste of what is on offer for our student athletes enrolled in our Athletic Development Program (ADP). 



FOOD TECHNOLOGY – Lets get Cooking Cost $50.00


Do you ever wish you could cook like the celebrity chefs on TV? Let’s Get Cooking is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about the kitchen, prepare a recipe, cook with a stove and eat your results. Each week you will have fun with other students while gaining confidence and culinary skills. You’ll be able to take the recipes home to recreate your new signature dish for your family! 



ENGLISHNew Australian Fairytale Cost $50.00


We all know the stories of Cinderella and Snow White, but how would fairytales look and sound if they were set in our modern, Australian context? In this class, we will consider the features of traditional fairytales and consider how these features could be adapted for our purpose of writing a new Australian fairytale.



VISUAL ARTSArt Taster Cost $50.00


This term students will look at different areas of art and create a variety of artworks using different methods. Students will use a variety of materials to create their artworks and over the 4 weeks learn how to do printmaking, paintings, photography and other interesting methods of art. Come along and enjoy time creating Art!


SCIENCELaboratory Fun Cost $50.00


The first few steps into the world of Science with introductions to the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics followed by an exploration of what the strands can come together to create. You will get the chance to perform many of the experiments for yourself and get a real feel for the discipline of Schience!