High Achievers' Program

Greensborough College is committed to delivering educational programs that meet the needs of a wide range of individual abilities and interests.  The College celebrates these different talents and skills and encourages students to develop at a pace appropriate to them.

Highly able students together with those with a strong work ethic often have needs which require special attention.

The Greensborough College High Achievers' Program challenges and engages these higher ability students to deepen and broaden their learning.


Program Structure

Greensborough College runs a Year 7 program which is open to students who are academically able and have a strong work ethic.  Students continue in this program at Year 8. Students are encouraged to undertake extension and enrichment work relating to each learning area. Students will also be expected to undertake additional home study.

The Greensborough College High Achievers' program is tailor-made for students who have long term ambitions of achievement in VCE and maximising their A.T.A.R for University entrance.

Flexible subject selection at Years 9 and 10 allows students to work above the expected levels of performance, with the option of Year 10 students enrolling in a VCE Unit.


Selection Process and Selection Requirements

Entry into the Greensborough College High Achievers' Program is based on merit. The College will also take into account other information such as student self reflection, parent and teacher feedback. By submitting this application, I give consent for Greensborough College to contact my child's Primary School in support of this application and agree to abide by the decision of the College. Please bring your most recent Grade 5 Report and NAPLAN results with you to the test.


Students in the Year 7 High Achievers' Program are eligible for the following scholarships:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Citizenship/Leadership
  • Sports Excellence
  • Music

Applications are closed for the 2021 High Achiever Program. 


Year 7 2022 High Achiever Applications will open in February 2021. Visit this page from February 2021 to complete the online form.


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