High Achievers' Program

High Achiever Program at Greensborough College:


Greensborough College is committed to delivering educational programs that meet the needs of a wide range of individual abilities and interests.  We strive to ensure all students reach their aspirations beyond school.


Highly able students together with those with a strong work ethic often have needs which require special attention.


Students in the program are supported and carefully monitored by the Assistant Principal, the High Achiever Coordinator and a team of teachers to ensure that their specific needs are being catered for.


The aim of the High Achiever Program is for students to:


  • Accelerate through their coursework as well as develop a deep understanding
  • Prepare for 21st Century learning by enhancing their ability to problem solve and develop critical thinking skills, through inquiry, curiosity and questioning
  • Access a more challenging learning environment
  • Work independently and collaboratively through small group work, peer assessment and feedback, student-led discussions and multi-modal tasks
  • Participate in competitions, enrichment and extension programs
  • Drive their learning by creating personal achievement goals
  • Create pathways to success for their future university and career aspirations.

Being a High Achiever student at GC



  • is a clear commitment to your learning and academic extension
  • is an option for a limited number of people (others are on wait lists)


  • is a great achievement- your academic skills are obviously strong and you are likely an independent and self-motivated learner


  • is not something to define yourself by (Being an academic whizz is great and it can make you feel really good about yourself but sometimes you won’t understand a concept or do too well on a test. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re still an awesome person!)
  • is about being your ‘school-best’: you are expected to attend each day, complete all set tasks and demonstrate excellent behaviour and conduct.
  •  is a significant commitment
  • is suitable for you now


  • will not necessarily always suitable for you (we know that huge dedication to your learning and extension can be difficult to sustain at all times)



Being a teacher of the High Achievers class at GC:



  • is extra exciting because students are often passionate about our subject area


  • is about supporting, knowing and monitoring students- figuring out when students need more challenge or are struggling with the pace and weight of such commitment to their studies
  • is something that extends us as teachers too


  • is about knowing when students have begun to define themselves from their academic success alone, which is unhelpful and unhealthy
  • is satisfying- all students submit all set work and meet the achievable and realistic goals that they set with your help is predictable- all students attend every day and all students demonstrate exemplary conduct


  • is about feeling that every student who demonstrates the capacity to excel in the High Achievers class should get a go. Students who are are finding it difficult to fulfil their commitment meet the demands of the program should be facilitated in a class where the pressure to perform is reduced and they feel more comfortable. Then, a new student who is in a position to commit entirely should get a chance.


Being a parent of the High Achievers class at GC:

  • is something that makes you even prouder of your child


  • a reason to monitor your child even more closely- to ensure they are thriving and dealing with academic pressure


Extra-Curricular and Extension Programs

Students in the High Achievers Program participate in a range of activities. Examples include:

  • Access to the Victorian High Ability Program
  • Access to La Trobe programs such as pathways planning and visits to campus to gain firsthand experience and understanding of university life
  • ASPIRE Early Entry Program with La Trobe Uni, based on community, leadership and sporting achievements which may allow you to get an early offer into La Trobe University.
  • The University of Melbourne ‘Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars’ Program is an academic enrichment program designed to support high-achieving Victorian students. This provides students with on-campus events aimed at improving leadership, problem solving and presentation skills. They have access to revision lectures in preparation for VCE exams.
  • Scholarship opportunities for high achieving students available at La Trobe University and University of Melbourne
  • We are an RMIT SNAP School- RMIT offer our students special events/workshops to attend. eg Folio and Design workshops. The SNAP scheme allows greater access to their courses for our students.
  • ACU (Australian Catholic University) Guarantee Program, with opportunities for early entry, based on Year 11 results, as well as Year 12.
  • Access Melbourne allows high achieving students to gain access to the University of Melbourne
  • Monash Guarantee Program- Opportunities for high achieving students at Monash University.
  • Rotary Club Youth Programs
  • Participate in a wide range of competitions

Our Program


Years 7 and 8

The High Achiever Program at Greensborough College caters for gifted students in Mathematics and/or English. Students from the High Achiever Program will access appropriate levels of study in one or both of these subjects as indicated through testing.


Year 9

Students will continue in the program for Mathematics and/or English acceleration and enrichment, complete core studies and choose elective subjects that focus on extension and preparation for an enhanced pathway to VCE.


Year 10 and VCE

These pathways could include :

  • An opportunity to begin their VCE study in Year 10 in a range of subjects
  • Tertiary enhancement (University) studies taken with VCE studies in the final year.

Selection Process and Selection Requirements

Entry into the Greensborough College High Achievers' Program is based on merit. The College will also take into account other information such as student self-reflection, parent and teacher feedback. Please bring a copy of your most recent Report with you to the test. 


By submitting this application, you give consent for Greensborough College to contact your child's Primary School in support of this application and agree to abide by the decision of the College. 


Testing Date:   Wednesday 15th September 2021

Time:                9.00am - 12pm (we have set an early testing time so students can perform at their best, they will be given a break in the middle)

Venue:             Greensborough College, Administration Building, Nepean Street, Greensborough

Registration:   Click here to register (non refundable fee $75)

Closing Date:   Wednesday 1st September 2021


Parent/Carers will be sent a letter from EduTest via email 7 days prior to the test with further instructions including what to bring etc.


For more information visit:  https://aus.edutest.com.au/ or contact the EduTest Help Line: 9014-1411


For any further enquiries please contact Lisa Dunne, Learning Specialist - Curriculum Innovation on 9433-2666.


Upon review of test scores, reports and assessments, applicants will be shortlisted.  All  shortlisted  applicants  will  be required to attend  an  interview at  the  College, accompanied by their parents/guardians. Upon  consideration  of  all components of  the  application  process,  all applicants  will  be  notified  via  email  correspondence  of  the  outcome  of their application following the confirmation of enrolment at the College. The decision by the College is final.


Students in the Year 7 High Achievers' Program are eligible for the following scholarships:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Citizenship/Leadership
  • Sports Excellence
  • Music

Click here to visit the Scholarship Page


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