Primary School Information

Greensborough College is committed to being a school for our community. Our College is dedicated to preparing all

students for success and to create meaningful citizenship through encouraging students to strive for excellence. All
individuals are treated with care and respect. The College will provide a welcoming and friendly environment for all
members of the College community.  


2022 key dates 

    • Explore - Open Evening - 30th March 2022
    • Application for Year 7 Placement 2023 form due to Primary School - 13th May 2022
    • Welcome letters sent to students offered a Year 7 placement for 2023 - 21st July
    • Athletic Development Program application - 19th Aug 2022
    • Welcome pack sent to 2023 families - 22nd Aug 2022
    • Essential forms due back to GC - 9th Sept 2022
    • Scholarship application - 2nd Sept 2022
    • High Achievers application - 3rd Oct 2022
    • English Skills Reading Program application - 3rd Oct 2022
    • Year 7 Information Evening - 18th Oct 2022
    • Year 7 2023 Orientation Day - 13th Dec 2022

Information Packs
At Greensborough College we are trying to reduce our ecological footprint by moving our Primary School packs to digital format.
For information on the following programs click on the link:


Introducing Greensborough College

Forging Futures Program

Scholarship Program / Application 

Music Program


Athlete Development Program / Application

English Skills Reading Program / Application
High Achievers Program / Application


Year 7 Camp

To view our College Policy's please click here

Interested families are encouraged to book School Tour in Term 4. Bookings will open later in Term 3.