Our Council

As outlined by the Department of Education and Training (DET) policy, the School Council is responsible for the educational policies of the college, the use of school buildings, the employment of ancillary staff and all financial matters.

School Councillors collaborate with the principal team, teaching and support staff, to make decisions that help realise the school’s vision, mission, philosophy and values.


They represent groups affected by council policies: parents, teachers, students.

Community members can also be co-opted to lend their expertise to decision making and problem solving.


School Council elections occur in March and are conducted in accordance with DET guidelines.


The Greensborough School Council consists of:


Pauline Barker - Principal/Excecutive Officer

6 Parent Representatives

5 DET Representatives

4 Community Representatives

2 Student Representatives


2020 School Councillors:


Pauline Barker: Excecutive Officer

Silvia Zuzek: President - Parent 

Michelle Molianro: Vice President - Community

Margaret McNicol: Treasurer - Parent

Glenn Jenner: DET

Rose Thomson: DET

Lisa Dunne: DET

Meegan Triance: DET

Kelly Smeath: Parent

Lisa Commandeur: Parent

Kate Lansbury: Parent

Rick LeGassick: Community

Vacant: Parent

Vacant: Community

Vacant: Community

Ty Thakur: Student

Vacant: Student


The School Council generally meets every third Wednesday of the month.

All school community members are welcome to attend.


Sub-committees of the School Council include:

  • Education 
  • Uniform
  • Buildings/Grounds
  • Finance/Budget

School Councillors can be contacted via email: greensborough.sc@education.vic.gov.au