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Athlete Development Program (ADP) Purpose:

The ADP will provide student athletes with the opportunity to upgrade their athletic performance whilst at school. Their involvement will help them to achieve their personal best in their sporting pursuits, in all facets of their schooling and in life beyond their time at Greensborough College.


Features of the ADP:

  • Access and use of our HIGH PERFORMANCE CENTRE and surrounding sporting facilities.
  • A sports specific battery of performance tests to capture a snapshot of individual’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • A full comprehensive musculoskeletal screening that highlights any biomechanical shortcomings including a detailed injury history.
  • Ongoing fitness assessments and goal setting plans.
  • Individualised, safe and sports specific strength and conditioning program that incorporates training protocols to prevent injuries, provide rehabilitation and enhance their athletic potential and sports performance.
  • Qualified and expert supervision/coaching when undertaking their bi-weekly individualised programs.
  • Both 100min and 50min group strength and conditioning and recovery sessions available at school and will including routines that mimic the specific work:rest ratios of their sport.
  • Sports science/medicine support, including workshops/seminars, physiotherapy assessment, player welfare and nutrition support.
  • Each new student receives an ADP at Home Training Pack.
Optional Extra - Sporting Squads

Qualifying students can also choose to undergo technical sports coaching in AFL, Basketball, Netball, Soccer or Tennis. There are 2 categories of sport squad:

  • Development Squad - Athletes in this squad receive 2 hours of technical coaching per week. This coaching is aimed at those students who aspire to take their sport to the next level.
  • Extended Squad - Athletes in this squad receive 3-6 hours of elite technical coaching per week. This coaching is aimed at student athletes who are already performing at a very high standard and aiming to compete at state and national levels. Student ‘try-outs’ for squads will be held.

The benefits of participation in these squads has many benefits, including:

  • Individualised skills sessions (during allocated class times).
  • Contact with elite sports people including experienced quality coaches, role models and mentors, elite pathway generators etc.
  • Opportunities for interstate, international travel & competitions.
  • Close affiliation with representative Sporting Clubs and use of their facilities.
  • Player welfare and sports psychology workshops, including individual goal setting & pathway counselling.
  • Competitive practice matches in addition to the school division rounds.


Squad training sessions focusing on skills, game play practise, video reflection and tactics. (Note: Squad sessions are suitable for a range of abilities from the highly skilled athlete who are aiming for state/national level, as well as the more newly aspiring talented player)


Athlete Development Program: $660 *

ADP + AFL Development Squad (2 hours/wk): ADP Fee + $720 *

ADP + AFL Extended Squad (3 hours/wk): ADP Fee + $1,080 *

ADP + Basketball Development Squad (2 hours/wk): ADP Fee + $800 *

ADP + Basketball Extended Squad (3 hours/wk): ADP Fee + $1,200 *

ADP + Tennis Development Squad (2 hours/wk): ADP Fee + $1,000 *

ADP + Tennis Extended Squad (6 hours/wk): ADP Fee + $2,700 *

ADP + Soccer Development Squad (2 hours/wk): ADP Fee + $800 *


*Prices may vary dependent on student numbers.

*Prices are based on 34 weeks of sports coaching throughout the year.


ADP Applications for 2024 have now closed.


All 2024 Year 7 applicants will be notified by the 15th of September 2023.





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