2019 College Dux

"The environment that was created for me at Greensborough College was a major contributor to my success this year. The teachers were amazing, constantly giving up their own time to help me me structure my studies and help me achieve my academic goals. It is because of the support, guidance and faith they have given and shown me throughout this year that motivated me to aspire towards great things. I would like to personally thank all my teachers, both this year and throughout my high school experience, for pushing me and continuously helping me achieve my best. I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying at greensborough college and am happy to say that I have met some of my closest friends through this experience. Currently I am considering studying a double degree at Latrobe University, being a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of health sciences. It has been a pleasure being part of this school community and I encourage all current and future students to strive for their best possible results in all areas of their study."