Careers & Pathways

Greensborough College has a qualified Careers Practitioners who can help students with Career Pathways from Year 7 to 12.


The Careers and Pathways office is situated in Multi Purpose (MP) building near the Senior Study centre. The aim is to provide students with all the latest information that will help them make decisions about their future career and their life post-secondary school.


At Year 7 & 8 a careers education program is run through their Connect sessions which starts students thinking about career opportunities.


At Year 9 all students complete a Morrisby career analysis which is personalised to the student. The Morrisby analysis gives students the tools and information to support students in making the right decisions when it comes to career pathways. At anytime students can log in to their personal area on the Morrisby website and revisit their results, research the pathway into careers, investigate job specific information and also search for courses and research apprenticeships. All students in Year 9 also undertake an interview to unpack the Morrisby analysis.


At Year 10 students have the opportunity to complete Work Experience in the last week of Term 2.


At Year 10 and 11, students attend the Careers Expo in Term 2 and have subject selection interviews in Term 3.


Year 11 & 12 students are all given an opportunity to meet with the Careers Practitioners to discuss their career pathways including VTAC interviews for applications/SEAS/Change of preference.