Student Wellbeing

The Wellbeing Team here at Greensborough College are responsible for the provision, coordination and evaluation of welfare services provided by the College to students and their families.


In addition to the to the student services of the Welfare Coordinator, the school also engages the services of a school nurse who is available two days of each week. The role of the school nurse is to provide health education to students in the classroom as well as to be a resource for students’ health concerns on an individual basis. As with the Student Welfare Coordinator, students may approach the Nurse with issues that are of a confidential nature for advice or further action, should it be necessary.


The Wellbeing Team is made up of the following members:

  • Karina Murphy    Student Wellbeing Coordinator
  • Melissa Lenten    Secondary School Nurse (Thursday/Friday)
  • Parnoon Moradi  Mental Health Practitioner (Clinical Psychologist) (Mondays and Tuesdays)
  • Lexi Robinson     Educational Psychologist (SSS at the Department of Education) (consultation only) 


Duties of the Wellbeing Team include:

  • Counselling students who have personal, social or emotional problems which are affecting their ability to participate fully at school
  • Linking students and/or their families with outside resources and agencies (as necessary) and to provide ongoing support to students that are referred
  • Interpreting the problems/needs of individuals to teachers and coordinators so that the College can respond effectively to each students' needs
  • Providing academic assessments as requested by staff and parents
  • Supporting the wellbeing role of all teachers
  • Initiating appropriate proactive programs in the area of wellbeing


Educational Psychologists
Greensborough College has Educational Psychologists on site one day a week. They are able to undertake educational assessments as well as work short term with students with wellbeing issues. Enquires about this service should be made directly to the Student Wellbeing Coordinator.


State Schools’ Relief
This Committee provides assistance with shoes and clothing to students in need as determined by the Principal. The committee relies entirely on donations for its income. Application for consideration should be made through the Student Welfare Co-ordinator.


Resources for Parents:



Northern Parentzone



Banyule Community Health

Department of Education & Early Childhood

Child Youth and Mental Health Service (CYMHS)  Austin

Eating Disorders Victoria


Resources for Students:

Banyule Youth Services

Whittlesea Youth Services


Kids Helpline

Youth Central

Youth Beyond Blue

The Butterfly Foundation



Eating Disorders Victoria

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