Music Program


The music program of Greensborough College offers a wide variety of musical experiences for its students. The program aims to build musical skills and knowledge to promote student engagement and confidence within music making. Participation in the music program both within the classroom and through co-curricular endeavours provides an opportunity for your child to experience the joy of making music and we strongly encourage you to consider becoming involved in music at Greensborough College.

Any engagement with music has been proven to benefit students in many ways. However, music is a discipline that requires students to commit their time, energy and concentration and excellence can only be achieved through hard work. We believe that the pursuit of excellence in this field will benefit students in their social and academic outcomes in addition to giving them a thorough and meaningful musical education.

The Instrumental Program

Note: Instrumental music is optional.

Students who undertake instrumental music are required to commit to the program for the entire year.

The program consists of:

  1. Weekly lessons

A small group or individual lesson that is held during class time on a rotating timetable.

(A different lesson is missed each week to allow for minimum disruption. Students are responsible for following up on missed work).


  1. Ensemble Group

A weekly ensemble/band practice or choir rehearsal

(This may be held before school, during lunch time or after school depending on availability)


  1. School Concerts and other performances


Greensborough College has limited instruments that are available. Students who wish to learn Percussion/Drum Kit/Guitar/Bass are encouraged to bring their own instrument as these are not available to take home.


Instrument Selection

Instruments will be allocated according to student preference whenever this is possible. Student’s prior experience, teacher assessment and the availability/ownership of instruments will also inform this choice. Students should be mindful of the fact that their number one choice may not necessarily be suitable of available. It is our experience that students will make good progress on any instrument they are willing to commit their efforts to.



2024 fee for instrumental music is $100 per annum.


The demand for lessons is high, therefore, repeated failure to attend scheduled lessons without appropriate notice and reasoning will result in students being withdrawn from lessons.


Application Forms will be be made available on the website according to the Transition Timeline.


For enquiries please contact Callum Harber on 9433-2666.

Music and Performing Arts Teacher and Domain Leader for the Arts.