English Skills Reading Program

English Skills Reading Program

Greensborough College is committed to delivering educational programs that meet the needs of a wide range of individual abilities and interests. As part of this Greensborough College offers a Year 7 English Skills Reading Program.

The program is designed to assist and support students who are identified as needing intervention in the area of reading and literacy.

The aim is to improve the reading and literacy skills of students to raise their overall academic achievement.

In their English Skills Group, students will undertake an intensive direct instruction program, designed to help build their literacy skills.

Students must be willing to learn and behave in a way that allows their fellow students to learn. Inappropriate behaviour or lack of commitment will see a student removed from the Group and their place offered to another student.

Selection Process and Selection Requirements.
Program places are limited.

The selection Process will involve:

  1. Information from the Primary School Teacher
  2. Information from the Parents
  3. Students sitting a preliminary test at Greensborough College
  4. Further testing if required

English Skills Testing will be on Wednesday 15th September (time to be confirmed).


Please complete the form below by the closing date, 1st September 2021.


English Skills Reading Program